What to Buy in Order to Use Saxon Mathematics

          Saxon has noticed the home school trend in their book sales. For this reason, they created a home school version of Saxon mathematics. This gives the teacher a choice - use the home school Saxon books or the classroom Saxon books.
          The home school and classroom Saxon books are almost identical. The student receives the same material and the same education either way. The home school Saxon books have additional "investigations" in them to supplement the lessons. These are good, and useful, but the student will not be harmed if these are not part of his education.
          To summarize, either type of Saxon books can be used in either home school or classroom settings.
          The home school Saxon books are often paper back. This makes them less expensive to buy, but often there is nothing left to resell. The hard back Saxon books for the classroom are available used. They may be well worn, but they can be used and resold when they are no longer needed.
          Whichever way the teacher chooses to go, the teacher will need an answer key for the upper mathematics books. This makes scoring complex problems much faster and easier. No answer key is needed for the lower mathematics books. Consider getting answer keys for Saxon 7-6 and up. If you have the home school Saxon book, you'll need the home school Saxon answer key. If you have the classroom Saxon books, you'll need the classroom answer key. The answer keys generally look like the books they are for.


          The student will need to complete each of these Saxon mathematics books, in this order. The number after each book tells which American school grade (year) that the book is intended for. If there are two numbers, it is for either of two grade levels. For example, Saxon 54 is for grade 4 or grade 5 in the North American school systems, which is year 6 or 7 in the British and Commonwealth system.