Free Addition and Subtraction Practice

          There are six maths practice pages available for download. Three of the math practice pages are A4 paper size and the other three are 8.5X11 paper size. If you are in North America, select the 8.5X11 paper size. The rest of the world uses the A4 paper size.
          The three simple math practice pages are addition, subtraction, and combined addition and subtraction. Each free math download consists of seven pages of practice for the student.
          The addition problems have a sum which is ten or less. The subtraction problems use numbers 0-10. The combined addition and subtraction maths practice are a combination of the addition and subtraction problems just described.
          Select the image above for the download you would like, or click on the links below. When you select one of the downloads, you will be given the option of opening the file or saving it. If you open it, you can print directly from the web page. If you download the simple maths practice pages, the PDF file can be found in the downloads folder of your computer.

Addition practice 8.5X11

Subtraction practice 8.5X11

Combined Addition and Subtraction practice 8.5X11

Addition practice A4

Subtraction practice A4

Combined Addition and Subtraction practice A4 This is a link to an excellent external website which gives many, many free math practice pages you can download. If you follow this link, the downloadable worksheets are listed in the column on the left side of that web page.