About Vanguard Education

          Vanguard Education began in the remote Kalahari Desert of Africa. The Bryan family was living in Africa to work as Christian missionaries. The family was living in a tent in the Kalahari Desert while learning the local tribal language. The father, Dr. Bryan, was sitting under a large thorn tree during the heat of the day, reading a Bible written in the local language to become more familiar with the language. The Bryans' oldest child, Victoria, came up to her father and said, "Daddy, I want to read, too."

          There were no reading books available for little Victoria. Her father thought about the different languages he had learned, the ways he had seen languages taught, and decided to try something new. He took a blank piece of paper, a black pen and a blue pen, and began to write what is now the "Daddy, I Want to Read" Kalahari Readers.

          Later, a British friend asked how the Bryan children learned to read. She was shown the books written by Dr. Bryan. She thought they were clever and asked if she could use the same system to teach her children. The Bryans thought perhaps others might like to use them as well. This was the beginning of Vanguard Education.

          Vanguard Education was registered as a company in the United States in 2006. "The purpose of Vanguard Education shall be to facilitate the development and promotion of a Christian based educational program, curriculum, materials, and other components."

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          All photographs on the Vanguard Education web site are original to Vanguard Education. All except the Tropic of Capricorn photograph are natural; none are posed. Some were told "Smile!" just before the photograph was taken. Approximately half were taken in Africa and the other half in the United States.

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