Free Downloads

          This page is an index of free downloads available from Vanguard Education. You are welcome to copy, print, distribute, and use these free items as desired. The only restriction is that these cannot be sold or in any way used for profit, or within a distribution which is sold, without prior written consent of Vanguard Education.
          This brings up a question: Can a private school, which charges for its services, uses these free items? Certainly! All of these free items may be used in an environment in which the teacher or school charges for services, so long as the students are not charged directly for the free items downloaded here. If these items are included in a packet, and the student is expected to purchase the packet, this can be done so long as the student is not charged anything more than a copying fee for these free items.
          Pro gloria Dei.

Handwriting Practice Pages

          Do you ever wonder where you are going to get lined paper for your students to practice handwriting? Right here! These blank pages come in A4 paper size, and in 8.5X11" paper size for North America. Click the link to go to the Writing Practice Pages.

Mathematics Practice Pages

          Free mathematics pages are available as well. These are simple addition pages, subtraction pages, and practice pages which combine addition and subtraction. Both A4 and 8.5X11" paper sizes are available. Also, there is a link to the DadsWorksheets website. This is an excellent website where you can download a large number of mathematics practice pages, all 8.5X11" size. Click the link to go to the Free Mathematics Practice Pages.

Introductory Greek Lessons

          The first four lessons of Vanguard Greek are available free of charge. Click the link to go to the Free Introductory Greek Lessons page to learn more about these lessons.

Practice Writing Greek Letters

          These practice pages help a student learn to write the upper and lower case Greek letters. In addition, the students learn to write the name of each Greek letter, both in Greek and in English. Click on the link to learn more about the practice pages for Writing Greek Letters.

Free Handwriting practice pages

Free Addition and Subtraction practice pages

Free Introductory Greek Lessons

Free Writing Greek Letters

Free Greek Alphabet posters