For many students, the word history means boring, dull, uninteresting. Vanguard Education has evaluated many, many history books: British history, American history, World history, history of certain time periods, Christian history books, on and on. While the factual information in the books may be good, and the illustrations may be fantastic, it is unfortunate that many of these books are not all that interesting to students.
          Rather than list all of the history books we have rejected, let us tell you about some winners.
          The favorite history books among students don't look like they would be appealing to students. There are almost no pictures. The books are large tomes, and all words. The students often look at the books with disdain when first assigned to read these books. Their attitudes completely change the farther they read. We have even seen other students complain about reading history, and Vanguard students quickly recommend these books as the good history books to read. What are these delightful books?
          These books were written by H. E. Marshall in the early 1900's. They are Our Island Story (British history), Scotland's Story, Our Empire Story, (Commonwealth history) and This Country of Ours (American history). It is surprising how much children learn from these books, and how much they remember, simply because the books are so interesting to read.
          At the present time, these are the only history books available through Vanguard Education. They can be ordered through the link below, or through the shopping tab at the top of the page.


The Kings & Queens of England in Verse

Presidents of the United States of America in Verse