Writing Practice Pages

          These pages are lined paper, with a center dashed line, for students to practice handwriting. There are no letters or words on the pages: the teacher must assign what the student is to write.
          Each download is two identical pages of the same size practice paper. If the printer is set for double-sided copies, then each download produces a single sheet of practice paper, printed on both sides. To make more, increase the number of copies when printing.
          These blank pages can also be used to make custom writing lessons. To do this, print a blank page, write the lesson on the blank page, then photocopy the page to give to the students.

          There are a total of six downloadable items. Three of them are A4 paper size, which is used by most English locations around the world. For those living in North America, the 8.5"X11" paper size is the correct size to download.
          There are three different line spacings available on this page. The fourth line spacing, in italics, is available in most shops around the world, by purchasing exercise books and notebooks. For this reason, we do not have 3/8" (9.5mm) as a free download.

3/4 inch (19mm)age 6grade 1 / year 3
5/8 inch (16mm)age 7grade 2 / year 4
1/2 inch (12.5mm)age 8grade 3 / year 5
3/8 inch (9.5mm)age 9+grade 4+ / year 6+

          After each size is a recommended age and school grade / school year.

          When you click on the desired download link above, you will be given the choice of opening or saving the download. If you open it, you can print directly from the web site without having to download it. If you download it, the PDF document can be found in the downloads folder of your computer. Either way, when you print, each download gives you two pages. To get more, increase the number of copies you are printing just before you print. You can specify single sided or double sided pages just before you print.