Presidents of the United States in Verse

          Students are creative in the ways they come up with to memorize things. The Kings and Queens of England in Verse is a superb example of the creativity of students. Below is a poem created to help remember the names of the presidents of the United States of America. It was written in the early 21st Century. Afterward is the explanation.

Wash, Ad, Jeff, Mad,
Monroe, Q, Jack, Van Bu,
Will, Ty, Polk, Tay,
Fill, Pierce, Buchan,
Lincoln, Johnson, Grant.

Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Cleve,
Harrison and Cleve again,
McKinley is slain, Teddy Bear's reign
Taft, Wilson, Great War's end.

Hard, Cool, Hoover, D,
Truman, Ike, and Kennedy,
LBJ, Nixon's done,
Ford, Carter, Reagan.

Bush, Clinton, Bush the son,
As W leads the Millenium
          - R. Bryan

Wash - George WASHington
Ad - John ADams
Jeff - Thomas JEFFerson
Mad - James MADison
Monroe - James MONROE
Q - John Quincy Adams, son of John Adams, the 2nd president.
Jack - Andrew JACKson
Van Bu - Martin VAN BUren
Will - WILLiam Henry Harrison, who died of pneumonia one month after becoming president
Ty - John TYler
Polk - James POLK
Tay - Zachary TAYlor
Fill - Millard FILLmore
Pierce - Franklin PIERCE
Buchan - James BUCHANan
Lincoln - Abraham LINCOLN
Johnson - Andrew JOHNSON
Grant - Ulysses S. GRANT
Hayes - Rutherford B. HAYES
Garfield - James GARFIELD
Arthur - Chester ARTHUR
Cleve - Grover CLEVEland
Harrison - Benjamin HARRISON
Cleve again - Grover CLEVEland again: only man to serve as president, be out of office, and then be president again.
McKinley is slain - William MCKINLEY, assassinated in office
Teddy Bear's reign - Theodore (TEDDY) Roosevelt. He is the person that Teddy Bears are named after, and he was accused of being as imperial as the European leaders during the height of the European worldwide empires.
Taft - William H. TAFT
Wilson - Woodrow WILSON, president before, during, and after the Great War, which was World War I.
Hard - Warren HARDing
Cool - Calvin COOLidge
Hoover - Herbert HOOVer
D - Franklin D. Roosevelt
Truman - Harry S. TRUMAN
Ike - Dwight D. Eisenhower, who, as a World War II general, had the nickname IKE.
Kennedy - John F. KENNEDY
LBJ - Lyndon B. Johnson
Nixon's done - Richard M. NIXON, only president to resign office
Ford - Gerald R. FORD
Carter - Jimmy CARTER
Reagan - Ronald REAGAN
Bush - George BUSH
Clinton - William (Bill) CLINTON
Bush the son: as W. leads the millennium - George W. BUSH, son of President George Bush, who was elected in 2000 and took office in January, 2001, the first president of the new millennium.

The Kings & Queens of England in Verse