Recommended Bible Course

          The Bible curriculum is very simple: Read the Bible.
          Vanguard Education strongly recommends that every family read the Bible together as a family every day. This includes days in which there is no school. It is beyond amazing what this simple habit does for each individual in the family, for the family as a whole, and for everyone who comes in contact with the family.

          Vanguard Education suggests the following reading schedule. The parents are welcome to alter the schedule as needed.
          Bible class is usually best as the first class of the day. Children's minds are fresh and alert, and ready to learn.
          Begin at the beginning of the Bible. Read one chapter daily. Even if you do nothing more than that, it will work. Why? Biblia ipse pro locatur - the Bible speaks for itself.
          Younger children will not understand much of what is read. That is fine. A short explanation from the parent can help greatly. At the end, ask if there are any questions, or if anyone has any comments. Most of the time there will be none, because the children want to go play or get started with school.
          As children mature physically, mentally, and spiritually, they will understand more and more of what is read.
          It is recommended that children eight years old and younger sit and listen while the Bible is read. Children age nine and older should do the reading. It is far better for the Bible to come into the eyes of the student and proceed out of the student's mouth, than for the student to hear it only.
          Take turns. Each child who is old enough gets to read in a daily rotation.
          It will take approximately three and one half years to read the Bible from beginning to end at one chapter per day. When you get to the end, start over. That's it.

          Would you like to teach doctrine? Please do! As you come across a verse or passage in the Bible that has led to or supports a certain doctrine, you can introduce the doctrine. "This verse is where the Christian doctrine of ________ comes from." Adjust the complexity of the doctrinal teaching to the age and level of understanding of the child. Sometimes younger children sit and listen as you teach to the older children, and that is fine. Conversely, sometimes older children have to sit and listen again as you explain things for the first time to a younger child.

          That is the whole Bible curriculum. Was that too simple? As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby. (1st Peter 2:2)

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