Music Course

          Vanguard Education has a suggested music curriculum. The teacher should adjust the following recommendations as needed.
          It is recommended that formal music instruction begin at the age of eight years old. The student begins by learning to play the piano. Piano lessons are once weekly, with a piano teacher. The remaining school days of the week piano class is fifteen minutes of piano practice daily.
          The students eventually ask the question, so here is the answer: Yes, during your fifteen minutes of piano practice, you must practice what the music teacher assigned during the piano lesson. If you wish to play more than fifteen minutes each day, you may play what you wish during the additional time.
          Piano lessons also involve music theory. The music theory is usually done in a music theory book. Students may count working on written music theory assignments as part of their fifteen minutes of piano practice.
          Students receive three years of piano lessons, from the eighth birthday to the eleventh birthday. On the eleventh birthday, the student may change to a different instrument, or continue with the piano.
          If a child begins a new instrument, we recommend that the student complete at least one year on an instrument before being allowed to change to a different instrument. This is, of course, at the discretion of the teacher.
          Music class is intended to continue for the remainder of the student's time in school. The teacher may choose to allow the student to end music lessons in the later teen years if appropriate.
          Participating in music with a group, such as a band or choir, is very useful. Once the student has completed three years of piano lessons, consider having the student join a band or choir.

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