Vanguard Greek Course

          The Vanguard Greek course is not published and is currently unavailable. At present, the project is on hold. It has been decided to make the first four parts of the Vanguard Greek course available for free to the public. This should be considered an "introduction to Greek for young children" course.
          The Vanguard Greek course is designed for the student to study Greek for two months in each year, beginning at the age of six years. The classes are intended to be spaced about six months apart. In this way, the student's knowledge of Greek is refresehd and expanded every six months. The first four parts of Vanguard Greek are intended for students ages 6 and 7. These can be used for older students as well, as an introduction to Greek. Even if the student is not going to study Greek in the future, these first four parts give the student a solid introduction to the Greek alphabet and pronunciation of Greek words. Even older students would benefit from this knowledge.
          The Vanguard Greek course is designed for home school or individual instruction. It is unknown how it would work in a classroom setting. If you are teaching a class and would like to try it, let us know how it goes.
          The Vanguard Greek course is available in both 8.5X11 size for those in North America, and in A4 size for those in the rest of the world. Since the Vanguard Greek course is not published, it is still in draft format. This means the parts 1-4 that you are downloading are ready to use, but may have occasional formatting irregularities.
          The Vanguard Greek course has been used successfully by home school students. The course has been updated and revised based on experience with home school students. We know from experience that the Vanguard Greek course works well. If it works well, why isn't it completed and published? Because the author has too much else to do and has chosen not to work on it any further at the present time. Vanguard Education is not going to publish and sell an incomplete course. As a compromise, the author has agreed to allow the first four parts of Vanguard Greek to be released for free.
          The introduction to Vanguard Greek, part 3, states "this set of Greek lessons should not be taught before the child has completed Beyond the English Horizon as part of the Vanguard French course." Beyond the English Horizon is an introduction to foreign langauges for English speaking children, intended to be used at the age of 7. You can use Vanguard Greek, part 3, without the child completing Beyond the English Horizon, but you may have to do a lot of explaining about parts of speach, masculine, feminine, and neuter words, and definite articles.
          Follow the link below to download any of the first four parts of Vanguard Greek.

Free Introductory Greek Lessons, parts 1-4

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